New Project

I invite you to think deeply and answer this question:

What makes your heart hurt?


5 thoughts on “New Project

  1. judy wersland

    I have a problem feeling any kind of love, I feel emotionally dead. It’s funny though because I know I love my son. I’m a compasonate person, yet I feel there is a lock on my heart. Thank you for your time.

  2. Jan

    What makes my heart hurt? Seeing the fear-based conditioning that seem to rule peoples lives not knowing who they really are spiritually. Asleep at wheel and missing the view!

  3. judy wersland

    Along the path of life, my heart has had many great defining moments, some very sad and some very happy. The heart was made to feel, I believe, both. What comes from the brain often fills the heart and vice versa. When my heart hurts the most, is when I have to say good-bye to something I truly valued, a special relationship that I hoped for but was never meant to be, the loss of a loved one and seperation from family. These are my defining moments.

  4. Lourdes M Villela "aka". Bella

    What Hurts My Heart?
    Betrayal, Deception and Lies… They all come from the same Root (Ignorance). Mentally I understand this… But my heart holds a certain Naivety… It Wants to Hold on to The Innocence of Possibilities and Hope! The Little Child in Me wants to Believe that We are Greater Then That!
    “The Truth Will Set You Free”! Why would anyone Not want to Be Set Free? Are We so Lost in Our Own Worldy Ways that We Forget the Simplicity of Sitting Still and Enjoying The Fleeting Moments That Pass By Us Thru Every Breathing Moment?
    And How Long Before Our Own Breath Subsides?
    No One Knows…. So for Now, I Will Continue To Enjoy The Moment as If it Is My Last….


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